Polio Notes- Chippy

A white paper is a preliminary paper that is a repository for your sources and your thinking. It is a practice or sample paper. It is a place to try out ideas and the collection of purposeful summaries. It is also a place to make notes to yourself. It is supposed to reflect the messiness of your thinking. You can add and delete things at anytime. You should not think when you are reading the sources, only during the writing process. Instead write about the sources as you read them instead of reading the sources and thinking afterwards. The steps are to collect sources and then write about that source. Then collect new sources suggested by developing a hypothesis and then write about those sources again. Finally write a first draft that is way to long and then go back and analyze it and revise it constantly. You should organize your thoughts after you have written your first draft. Read your practice opening after writing and analyze it to see if you have a thesis and see if you need more detailed information such as statistics. RESEARCH PROPOSAL: How come children are more likely to get polio than adults are? What is it that allows adults to fight off this disease but not children? Write a lot of purposeful summaries along with quote collections that you think might be useful.

We will eradicate polio in my lifetime. We have been working to eradicate this deadly disease for decades and we are finally very close to ending it for good. There are people going to indigenous countries and giving immunizations  everyday in hopes to get every person vaccinated. There are only around twenty humans that still have this disease so why can’t we get the number down to zero? New vaccination strategies and research will allow us to get every person vaccinated and protected from these twenty people. Once these twenty people either die with the disease or are miraculously cured then polio will be gone forever. If no person has this disease and everyone is vaccinated it is impossible for it to ever come back to us.

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