1. Philip E. Wolgin and Angela Maria Kelley. “The Public’s View of Immigration.Center for American Progress. N.p., 15 Dec. 2011. Web. 24 Apr. 2017.

Background: This article was a surmise of five polls that shed light on how both sides view Immigration. The Republican Caucus party that participated in a poll showed that those who voted wanted action to be taken against those who migrate to this country. While the the Fox Latino community openly accepts the immigrants that come here. The polls showed in the article give good insight into how both parties react to this subject, simply by a vote.

How I used it: Article was used as a reference for the base idea for The A10 assignment.

2. Mallin, Alexander, and Katherine Faulders. “Trump’s Revised Immigration Order Expected to Renew Ban on 7 Muslim-majority Countries.” ABC News. ABC News Network, n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2017.

Background: This article discusses the more recent news with the immigration ban that had happened. This sheds light on how the republican party, and those who support it, view immigration. For something like this to happen both the party, and its voters would hold very conservative views towards immigration. Banning certain countries from coming to the US is a hefty immigration policy and people support it and its reciprocation.

How I Used it: Used as a tool to gather information on my topic for A10. The information gathered was used as a reference for building ideas.

3. Jr., William Simon. “Immigration and Americanization.” The Heritage Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2017.

Background: discusses its view on immigration by talking about how the Americanization of immigrants shows how they have to adjust. Immigrants have to become Americanized, outside of getting a citizenship, in order to be socially accepted, and after pearl harbor, this was fully apparent. It is the same way today, 9/11 has caused a huge stigma against Muslim people, so giving up your heritage for an Americanized version is a way to appease people.

How I Used It: Used as an information pool to inspire me for the A10 assignment and gave good background information for the topic at hand.

4. “Becoming American: The Hidden Core of the Immigration Debate.” Center for Immigration Studies. N.p., 28 Apr. 2013. Web. 24 Apr. 2017.

Background: This article has a very obvious “pro-Immigrant” stance, but getting a view from all parties is a key to a good paper. The article focuses on the hardships that immigrants face when coming to the country. Facing things like race-crime , ICE raids, and even the journey itself, immigration to the US has many hardships, and that is what the majority of Americans do not understand, and that is what the article was hinting at, and giving the Immigrants a leg up by explaining the hardships.

How I Used It: Was used as a tool to gather information for my A10 argument essay.

5. “How Americans View Immigrants, and What They…” PRRI. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2017.

Background: This article gives charts, and in-depth poll analysis for how people view immigration. Many different factors are shown in this article including views of immigrants by age, religious affiliation, and other factors that go accounted when people are given the topic of Immigration.

How I Used it: An information tool for A10 assignment.

6. King, C. Richard. “White Power and SportJournal of Sport and Social Issues.” Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 10 Feb. 2007. Web. 07 Mar. 2017.

Background: This article was about white power within sports journalism and how it interacts with social issues in regards to racism within the sports world.

How I Used It: Used as an argumentative point withing the first few paragraphs of the essay. Stated how white folk were creating this mentality that if people of color can take sport positions away, what else could they take away, and used it as a point against racism.

7. Sterngold, James. “A Racial Divide Widens on Network TV.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 28 Dec. 1998. Web. 07 Mar. 2017.

Background: Writings about how BET came about and inevitably had to appeal to a white audience as well.

How I Used It: I used this as an example in regards to why and piece of work written by a person of color had to appeal to white people somehow and how it interacted with the main idea of the essay.

8. Alsultany, Evelyn. Arabs and Muslims in the media: race and representation after 9/11. New York: New York U Press, 2012. Print.

Background: A piece on the subject of Arabs and Muslims in the media after 9/11 and how they were portrayed and the treat meant they got because of it.

How I Used It: This article was referenced and used as an argumentative point in my essay for how people were being treated after an attack on America has happened.

9. Wise, Tim J. Between Barack and a Hard Place Racism and White Denial in the Age of Obama. San Francisco: City Lights, 2009. Print.

Background: a piece written on Barack Obama and his election and career and all the hardships and various issue that came with society’s reaction.

How I Used It:  Was used as a point in regard to white Americas reaction to people of color in places that are predominantly white, such as the presidency. I used this piece to show how sometimes “progressive” white folk don’t really understand the importance of something like  a black president, and how white America reacted to the first Black President.

10. Romero, Victor C. “Decoupling Terrorist from Immigrant: An Enhanced Role for the Federal Courts Post 9/11.” Journal of Gender, Race and Justice 7.1 (2003): 201-212.

Background: This piece discusses how federal courts interacted with Immigrants after 9/11, and how certain acts were abused to just round up immigrants under the guise of hunting for terrorism.

How I Used It: This was used as an argumentative point on the treatment of immigrants within America, especially after 9/11. It showed a good example of how certain acts or ideas can be abused if its used to hunt the injustice of terrorism.

11. McIntosh, Peggy. “White privilege: Unpacking the invisible knapsack.” (1988): 31-36.

Background: Piece was written to discuss “white privilege” the idea not every white person acknowledges when in regards to social issues, and how it isn’t really taught to be recognized.

How I Used It: Used it when discussing white privilege and how white privilege effects social issues, but was mainly used as an argument point against the idea that “you cant change the way people think”. Using the aspect that white privilege isn’t taught connected to the real reason people cant change the way they thing is because they are uneducated on social advantages and disadvantages on all sides.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Nick, you haven’t linked your sources to their web addresses. As an example, I have linked the url for your first source to its title. In class tomorrow, I’ll demonstrate again how this is done, but you could do them in advance if you’re familiar with the technique.

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