My Hypothesis- Stripedsweater21

1. Mental health awareness
2. Mental health awareness in school
3. The effect of recognizing the significance of mental health
4. Addressing mental health is an educating opportunity similar to learning about physical health and fitness
5. Adding a mandatory mental health course with healthy methods of coping and dealing with mental illnesses will help students who may be silently struggling.
6. Adding a mandatory mental health course designed to help students in high school and college would encourage those struggling with mental illnesses to seek help, and encourage students to help others by addressing how severe the result of an unattended mental illness can be and effective methods of coping and support.

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2 Responses to My Hypothesis- Stripedsweater21

  1. davidbdale says:

    Cool. First, bravo. A very serious and timely topic.
    Apparently you’re advocating for a course for every high school student regardless of their future plans, college or no.
    Designed to help them cope with the stresses of college? Or more general? Stresses of adult life?
    What’s the curriculum? Self-help? Recognizing your own vulnerability to anxiety, depression, nihilistic fantasies?
    Is the course a practical guide to maintaining one’s own mental health? Or is it an academic course that covers the history of modern medicine’s approach to diagnosing and treating mental illness?

  2. gossipgirl3801 says:

    I totally agree with your hypothesis! This topic is super huge in todays society and I think it would be great for students to have to take a class on how to cope and help others with their mental health. You should do some research on if some schools and colleges do have a class like this and if not do some research on why not and how to get a class like this in a high school or university. Good choice of topic and I’m interested to see what answers you come up with!

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