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My Purposeful Summary- StripedSweater21

Armor on planes It seems counterintuitive that one would focus on applying armor to undamaged places on a war aircraft. It would make sense to reinforce areas with bullet holes, right? Yet, armor was applied to parts on aircrafts without … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- Stripedsweater21

1. Mental health awareness2. Mental health awareness in school3. The effect of recognizing the significance of mental health4. Addressing mental health is an educating opportunity similar to learning about physical health and fitness5. Adding a mandatory mental health course with … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft- StripedSweater21

An Abstract Concept of Wealth In retrospect, the currency used in society is worthless. Whether it is digital numbers on a screen, bills of paper or stacks of copper and other common metal coins, the value of the material itself … Continue reading

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Practice Post- StripedSweater21


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