My Purposeful Summary- StripedSweater21

Armor on planes

It seems counterintuitive that one would focus on applying armor to undamaged places on a war aircraft. It would make sense to reinforce areas with bullet holes, right? Yet, armor was applied to parts on aircrafts without bullet holes. Why? The aircrafts that made it back with bullet holes made it back safely. Those that didn’t make it back most likely got shot in places in which no bullet holes were found in returning aircrafts. As a result, more aircrafts made it safely back home with new armor on places others wouldn’t suspect to reinforce.

Cleaning girls make them sick

It seems counterintuitive that cleaning oneself can lead to a risk of the complete opposite goal. While it makes sense that being clean is good because one is getting rid of bacteria, there is a certain point that makes it dangerous. The immune system requires exposure to bacteria to become stronger. To build antibodies and become resistant to bacteria, the immune system must first come in contact with it. Because of this, constantly cleaning a child would weaken the immune system, leading them to become sick when they are attempting to stay clean.

Photographers in horror stricken places

It seems counterintuitive that photographers travel to dangerous places with the purpose of using a camera. One would assume that if someone travels to a dangerous area, it is to help and protect victims or to stray away the enemy. Yet, photographers don’t help victims. They record and document the damage and horror for those at home, to raise awareness of what people deal with as a result of war. If not for photographers, families at home would rely only on testimonies and stories of soldiers, we would not see the damage with our own eyes.

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