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Why Keeping Little Girls Squeaky Clean Could Make Them Sick

It seems counterintuitive that a young girl who is cleaner is more prone to illnesses/diseases than girls who go outside, play, and get dirty. This article presents insight to studies that indicate young women have worse immune systems than men because of tendencies of both men and women in their youth. Due to girls typically being restricted from playing outside, along with the social expectancy for them to “dress up and stay sweet” (rather than playing in dirt), girls are exposed to less diseases and bacteria in their younger years. As a result, they are statistically more likely to have weaker immune systems, as well as have asthma, in their older years. It certainly does not hurt to allow a child to get dirty, regardless of social stereotypes. Although it seems counterintuitive, it is crucial that young children of all genders to be exposed to all types of bacteria in order to build up immunities that are imperative to their long-term health.

Employment Falls, But Economy Only Adds 36K New Jobs

It seems counterintuitive that the unemployment rate would fall, yet the number of jobs would only increase by a miniscule quantity. This article references several manufacturing industries that experienced significant changes in employment. However, those changes were balanced out by a lack of changes in most other major job industries. Instead, economists believe that in large part, many people who were unemployed simply stopped looking for jobs. Although they did not obtain a new job, the unemployment rate went down, while the employment rate went up, because if a person is no longer looking for a job, they are no longer considered to be a part of the labor force. They are not a part of the labor force, so they are not included in employment/unemployment rates. At the end of the day, the economy is not as awful as the job-increase number (or lack-there-of) suggests, nor is it thriving as much as the .04% rise in employment rate may make it appear. In this case, a rise in employment did not result in a substantial or expected increase in jobs.

Vancouver combats heroin by giving its addicts the best smack in the world

It seems counterintuitive to combat heroin by purposefully supplying heroin addicts with some of the best heroin in the world. However, the article presents what is an active attempt by Vancouver to aid addicts suppress their addictions. Vancouver is a major drug inlet, as it is a port town that receives hundreds of boat shipments each day. When drugs enter the city, they spread rapidly “under the table” from dealer to dealer. Addicts are found dead with needles in their arms, and Vancouver wants to provide them with safer ways to shoot up. A program has been set up, currently being used by 26 heroin addicts who have attempted, unsuccessfully, to stop their addictions, where they can shoot up under supervision of a nurse. Not only is this safer for the addicts because they are given clean needles and wipes, but it improves the safety and overall well-being of the city. It is less likely that an addict will illegally acquire drugs if they have an open resource, as well as a safe place to shoot up without getting arrested. The counterintuitivity of openly encouraging heroin addicts to shoot up under nurse supervision is actually improving Vancouver and helping addicts combat the unsafe elements of their addictions.

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