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Are Muli-Vitimins Dangerous?

It seems counterintuitive that multivitamins would be useless for human intake, but in reality popping a flavorful gummy each morning doesn’t improve the health of people at all. A survey from the National Institutes of Health shows that a third of Americans take multivitamins regularly, yet there is no evidence that can prove that the vitamins make people healthier. The manufacturers of course claim that the vitamins have a protection against chronic illness such as D promoting breast health and B being heart healthy, but a 2009 study on postmenoposal women found that these vitamins don’t decrease the chance of getting the illnesses studied. It is also counterintuitive for multivitamin users to even take the vitamins at all. Another study showed that those who use the vitamins regularly already get their proper quota of vitamins from their food intake. The vitamins are just adding to an already balanced body which will not improve health at all. From the evidence showing how unnecessary these vitamins are, the only people who should be investing in them should be vegetarians/vegans or pregnant women who may not be receiving enough vitamins in their diet.

Clean Girls Get Sicker?

It seems counterintuitive that staying clean and pristine would make people open to getting sick easier. A growing research on children and germs shows that children who are exposed to more germs at an early age are less likely to develop allergies, asthma, or autoimmune disorders when they grow up. This theory holds to all children, but a new theory has come out of this showing that little girls are more likely to grow up and develop these health disorders. Sharyn Clough, a philosopher of science at Oregon State University says that young girls are held to a higher standard to their male counterparts. Most girls are brought up to stay clean and away from germy areas while boys are encouraged to play outside in the dirt and open world where germs fester. This explains a higher rate of illness in adult women. The CDC even shows how women are more likely to have asthma than males making the rates 8.5% compared to 7.1%. To decrease the likelihood of these illnesses in women, there should be a change in mentality within the female youth to not always encourage them to stay pristine. 

Cute Animals

It seems counterintuitive that in the economic stock market that people would invest in the stock they think other people would invest in rather than the one they think they should invest in. A study with three different cute animals showed this theory in action. People had the choice between a kitten, slow loris, and a baby polar bear. People were asked to choose the animal they thought was the cutest and then to choose the animal they thought others would think was the cutest. The results showed that various people found each animal cute, but when it came to the second question, most people chose the kitten because that is what they believed most people would find cute. The same stock market test can be made with a beauty contest. What attractive person would other people choose rather than leaving it up to personal opinion? There has been a lot of price movement in individual stocks and the whole market, but that cannot be explained rationally. Eventually, the stock market evens itself out and gets things right.

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