My Hypothesis-a1175

  1.  players in NBA
  2. Rookies in the NBA
  3. The effect of high school basketball players going to college before going to the NBA
  4. High school basketball players going to college before the NBA will lead them to getting a degree or more doors opening in the future. 
  5. High school basketball players getting a college degree before the NBA will open more doors for their future. 
  6. Some sort of a college degree should be mandatory before entering the NBA.
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1 Response to My Hypothesis-a1175

  1. harp03 says:

    Hi a1175,

    To begin, I’d like to mention the fact that I do see your argument regarding basketball players attending college and obtaining a degree before entering the NBA, but I don’t ENTIRELY agree with it. Yes, I think there are benefits, such as teaching the importance of education and learning responsibility. It is also great for NBA players to have a backup in response to a career-altering injury

    However, not letting superstar high school talents enter the NBA for (at least) two years, barring a player taking college-level courses in high school to get their degree quicker, would be harmful to the league. The NBA is already receiving backlash by fans for making the “1-and-done” rule, where high schooler are required to attend a university for at least 1 year before entering the league. Adding years to their college career would only infuriate fans even more. In addition, those players, most of which end up playing in the NBA for years, would be missing out on years of money-making potential. NBA contracts are, in large, guaranteed money! So any argument pertaining to injury concerns would be labeled invalid in most circumstances.

    In addition, the NBA has a minimum player salary, and as of the 2019-2020 season, it is set at just over $582,000/yr. Most players who are drafted are offered an NBA contract with the team, meaning that at MINIMUM they are making over half a million dollars per year. If players were forced to attend a college and get a degree first, they’d be missing out on possibly a million dollars or more, plus money acquired from endorsements and player incentives/clauses. Teams also make lots of revenue from promoting their young, 20-year old talent.

    Overall, it would be a bad look for the entire sport and benefit nobody if high school basketball players were forced to obtain a college degree before entering the NBA. However, I am really interested to see any counterpoints you have, as many people hate the 1-and-done rule like me. It will be difficult to find evidence supporting your claim/hypothesis, but I am sure you could do it.

    Your 6 steps are written well and display an effort to develop your hypothesis from an original topic. Although your final step could contain more specific detail about what degree is required and WHY it would benefit players to get one before entering the league.

    Nice work!

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