My Hypothesis – nayr79

  1. Food can make more food
  2. Soup is made of other foods
  3. The changes in the way humans perceive soup
  4. Soup is made up of other foods to create a popular side dish
  5. Soup, being made up of many scrumptious foods, is often seen as not a primary meal
  6. Soup is made up of many ingredients that could exist as a dish on their own, making soup the superior food, when it is often seen as a side dish or appetizer.
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1 Response to My Hypothesis – nayr79

  1. taxmanmaxwell says:

    I like the creativity that went into this post. I would probably have difficulty writing at length about the subject, but it would be an amusing read if you can pull it off. As for the relevant material my best guess would be that the American Culinary Federation should have criteria on judging superior food.

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