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Definition Essay – nayr79

The comic book and the graphic novel Works of art are considered art in what they can make viewers, readers, and listeners portray and feel within their minds. A painting can dispense certain emotions with its scenery and colorful display … Continue reading

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Proposal + 5 – Nayr79

For my research paper I will take a look at the idea that comic books and graphic novels are the future and key to the continuation and preservation of literature. With some of the most popular movies of the last … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims – nayr79

“It’s rampant among returning vets” Rampant – this word gives a sense of urgency, since the context is usually never good when this word is used Among returning vets – this could be two vets who have PTSD, which would … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries – nayr79

How Mom’s Death Changed My Thinking About End-of-Life Care It seems counterintuitive that people would spend a good chunk of money on end-of-life care when all seems hopeless. Yes, miracles can happen, but it seems counterintuitive to spend all this … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – nayr79

Food can make more food Soup is made of other foods The changes in the way humans perceive soup Soup is made up of other foods to create a popular side dish Soup, being made up of many scrumptious foods, … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft – nayr79

            Currency, at least in my mind, is a system of balance. Growing up in the twenty-first century, my perception of wealth has always been based on the pieces of paper within one’s pocket. Life without currency seems like chaos … Continue reading

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Practice Post – nayr79

p o s t # 1

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