PTSD Claims – nayr79

  1. “It’s rampant among returning vets”

Rampant – this word gives a sense of urgency, since the context is usually never good when this word is used

Among returning vets – this could be two vets who have PTSD, which would make it rampant

2. “Imagine there’s a murderer in your house”

Author assumes the reader will do as they say (similar to the Let’s example in class)

3. “Caleb has been home 2006, way more than enough time for Brannan to catch his symptoms”

Who said Brannan has even caught his symptoms and who gave a time frame? It’s like the author is basing this claim thinking “yeah, 5 or 6 years should be enough to rub off your mental illness onto someone”

4. “She sounds like she might start crying, not because she is, but because that’s how she always sounds, like she’s talking from the top of a clenched throat, tonally shaky and thin”

This is the author making judgements on the woman’s voice in relation to her feelings.

That’s how she always sounds – could just be during this interview in which the subject talks about a sensitive topic

Like she’s…thin – author makes assumptions

5. “Not the old ‘Nam guy with a limp, or maybe the young legless Iraq survivor, that you’d expect”

The author makes multiple generalizations in this sentence

Author also makes an assumption about the reader

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