My Hypothesis-j6128

1. Liberal arts degree from an undergraduate university
2. Liberal arts degree economic value at an undergraduate university
3. The impact on earnings of a liberal arts degree, compared to alternative forms of higher education
4. A liberal arts education is focused on job skills that will lead to better earnings outcomes for students
5. A liberal arts education/degree is better at providing and improving skills that employers demand, therefore graduates will attain a higher rate of employability success
6. A liberal arts education/degree is more valuable by providing a broad range of skills that employers demand which will make students more employable than having a STEM education/degree

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2 Responses to My Hypothesis-j6128

  1. j6128 says:

    New hypothesis: The hirability of the next generation of recent graduates obtaining a liberal arts degree is greater than those obtaining a STEM degree

  2. gossipgirl3801 says:

    This topic seems interesting to me, I thought quite the opposite before reading your hypothesis. I always figured that obtaining a STEM degree was better than any other degree because of how smart people believe them to be. Personally I agree that a liberal arts degree has more opportunities and I’m eager to see what more research you come up with to prove it! Good topic(:

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