1.) marijuana in the US

2.) should marijuana be legal all over the U.s.

3.) do the pros of marijuana legalization outweigh the cons?

4.) legalizing marijuana would create thousands of jobs

5.) legalizing marijuana would free thousands of men in jail for non violent drug charges.

6.)legalizing marijuana would cause crime rates to go down completely

(1 person is arrested for marijuana possession every minute)

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1 Response to Hypothesis-egyqueen

  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m sorry, EgyQueen. This will not fly. I leveled a specific warning against this hypothesis in class, butr I should have warned you specifically in writing to avoid the few arguments that have been effectively “used up.” This is one of them. Marijuana is a legitimate TOPIC, but the thesis that it should be legalized has been so completely exhausted by thousands of papers (hundreds of which I’ve read myself) that there is literally nothing new to say about it. You may pursue this if you wish, but I’ve never read one that earned a grade of better than a D+.

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