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Definition- egyqueen

Breaks and Productivity Sitting down for hours to complete a project is an extremely difficult task for many people. People are likely to wander off after a certain amount of time spent working on the same topic. breaks are usually … Continue reading

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my hypothesis-egyqueen

1.)work breaks 2.) work breaks can help you work better 3.) breaks increase productivity 4.) the importance of taking a break on your emotional, physical, and mental health 5.) taking a break can give you a fresh new perspective on … Continue reading

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1.) And as slippery as all that is, even less understood is the collateral damage, to families, to schools, to society—emotional and fiscal costs borne long after the war is over. -the word ‘slippery’ indicates the difficulty of having PTSD … Continue reading

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It seems counterintuitive that men were always in charge of what is considered rape. Rape seems to have had numerous different meanings over the years. What is considered rape has evolved over the years helping women get the justice they … Continue reading

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1.) marijuana in the US 2.) should marijuana be legal all over the U.s. 3.) do the pros of marijuana legalization outweigh the cons? 4.) legalizing marijuana would create thousands of jobs 5.) legalizing marijuana would free thousands of men … Continue reading

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The Value of a Dollar

                      Most parents place a lot of effort trying to teach their kids the value of a dollar. It is an extremely difficult concept to grasp for children, and the concept does not get easier as you grow. Truth is, the … Continue reading

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Practice Post-egyqueen

My first post-hi:)

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