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Different employees in America strive to increase their performance and stand out to be the best in the workplace. To meet different deadlines over time, they sacrifice most of their time working overtime, agreeing to take extra projects, and never taking a step away from work. In a real sense, the work-hard mentality is not effective. It is argued that not taking a break out of work will cause inefficiencies at work. Most companies that don’t offer breaks face employee inconsistencies in performance. The main cause of breaks is the fact that it will increase productivity. This study seeks to identify several reasons why breaks will substantially increase productivity.

First, lunch breaks and adding several other breaks will cause employees to be fresher and more focused on what they are doing. Work performance can be improved whenever employees have breaks. Adequate breaks from work, employee productivity, and mental wellbeing are aligned together (Dababneh, Swanson, and Shell 170). They are the most important issues that change how employees perform and thus improve performance. Employee breaks reduce work fatigue and too much pressure that might be available. Dealing with some projects might be very technical, and such needs employees to become more prepared to change the facts. The cause for alarm in reduced productivity is the main reason that employers need to start encouraging employees to take breaks in the course of their work. It is a vital approach that will improve performance.

Taking breaks causes improved mental wellbeing, and productivity is guaranteed. Stress is an incredibly common problem that influences most of the decisions that employees make while undertaking various work. Taking some time away from the workplace, like taking a walk and enjoying healthy lunch, helps to release some of the stress factors that employees might develop. Stress reduces performance significantly (Paulus et al. 206). Having a positive approach that points towards relieving the employee from stress can be attained through breaks. In North America, it has been proved that breaks are the best way to improve individuals’ mental well-being. For example, when a person is too much into thoughtful activities, they are encouraged to take a breakthrough nature walk and relieve such tension. The consequential causes of a stressed employee are a decline in performance.

Workplace breaks increase creativity among employees in a sense that causes increased productivity. Most organizations have relied on the creativity of their employees to be able to hit the competitive edge. The creativity of organizations is ruling the vast technological world. When employees are offered time to rest rather than being subjected to continuous work, they become more creative. Creativity is a unique development that develops new ways of doing things. The company can increase its alternatives to provide solutions because of the creativity of its employees. It is a positive approach that needs to detail some of the components that will influence most of their options and alternatives. A time out is a way to influence the employee to understand some of the complex projects they might be handled in one way or the other.

Breaks advocate healthy habits, which is a major cause of increased productivity. The human body needs time to rest from technical work. When the body is subjected to proper work habits, it would be easy for the employee to understand some important paths that might influence their self-care and improve their health. When employees get time to get some healthy food, they will become more productive. Regular breaks give employees time to do some exercises which are very healthy and would engage them to become more active in work. Also, they can have time to meditate and undertake self-care activities. Positive habits are important in the workplace that helps in engaging different options and would influence various issues that would help increase production.

Finally, it is evident that breaks cause an increase in productivity in the workplace. The employees will be in a position to influence a number of options and complete some defined options, such as helping their self-care development. It is mandatory for organizations to come up with a positive attitude that would encourage employee break. Lunchbreak is not enough for employees, especially those who work in technical departments such as engineering. Most employees consider the fact that they have been subjected to a lot of diverse alternatives, which will be responsible for changing employee performance (Dababneh, Swanson, and Shell 170). The ways in which different causes of improved production have been identified helps in changing how organizations operate. Breaks should be encouraged, and proper options did to influence some of the unique identifications and help make various alternatives appropriate. This study has identified important elements that are responsible for making sure to understand how breaks within the workplace caused improved productivity.

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