It seems counterintuitive that men were always in charge of what is considered rape. Rape seems to have had numerous different meanings over the years. What is considered rape has evolved over the years helping women get the justice they deserve. Raping a Virgin was treated as property damage to the virgin’s father. Scientists and politicians believed that if a woman truly was raped, she was unable to conceive because a woman is able to “shut down” when she is being raped. Eighty-three years later, rape finally is better understood and officials are less likely to blame the female.

It is counterintuitive that the way you part your hair decides whether or not you think logically (manly) or artistically (feminine.) The hair part theory started in John Walter’s adolescence when he discovered the different social roles when parting hair. He was also the creator of the ‘True Mirror’ which reflected back to the object without flipping it. In other words, you finally know what you look like since it reflects the same way a photograph would. This helped evolved mirror paintings which have grown over the centuries.

It is counterintuitive that clean girls can get sicker than boys. Since boys are expected to play outside and get dirty, they do not end up getting as sick since they are exposed to germs at an earlier age. Boys have a higher chance of being sick at an earlier age, but girls have a higher risk of getting sick after puberty due to your tolerance of bacteria. 

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