Purposeful Summaries – Rose1029

Cute Animals 

It seems counterintuitive that in the stock market system, people choose what we think other people will like instead of going for the thing that we actually like. The people who are making this decision still make up the general public. When choosing something as simple as what animal you think is cutest, people didn’t think that other people would choose the same animal that they did. This can easily be compared to a beauty contest as some imagine it to be. People don’t choose who they think is the prettiest, instead they try to choose who they think other people will choose. This is how the stock market works, but it seems counterintuitive when people don’t choose what they want even though they make up the general public. 

Happiness Cannot be Pursued; It Must Ensue 

It seems counterintuitive that in order to fully achieve happiness, it all relies on how an individual decides to perceive their situation. It doesn’t matter what situation a person is in, it is up to that individual to decide what exactly they are living for. Even holocaust survivors had to find their own meaning of happiness, when they were in the worst conditions imaginable. By finding a purpose to live for, the individual can in most cases get through anything once their minds have been set in the direction of “I want to live for…”. Factors of life that we as people surround ourselves with in order to try to create happiness (i.e. successful career, good marriage) actually don’t make us happy. Instead the question of how to find happiness in life all depends on what we as individuals decide to live for and the attitudes we decide to have in any given situation. 


It seems counterintuitive that farmers have to apply very toxic chemicals to their crops in order to kill weeds in an attempt to make their crops survive. It seems like the more chemicals farmers put on their plants to kill the weeds, the weeds continue to adapt to each new chemical put on them and soon become immune to them. Over the years of trying to extinguish the weed epidemic, farmers have been making it worse by essentially creating what’s called a “Superweed ” that is immune to almost everything. Farmers and scientists now have this problem of resistant weeds that can quickly adapt to whatever chemicals are put on them and continue to thrive and kill crops. Scientists and farmers continue to try to create modified chemicals to try to hopefully make one all powerful one that weeds will never be able to adapt to.

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