My Hypothesis- Alyse816

Doing sports at a young age

The effects of doing sports at a young age

How sports affect your body when you get older

How the injuries from sports affect your body as you get older

The long lasting effects on your body from doing sports

How doing sports at a young age affects your body and the difference between adults who did sports as a child and who didn’t.

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3 Responses to My Hypothesis- Alyse816

  1. davidbdale says:

    Alyse, you haven’t begun to narrow your topic yet. Your 6 is about where a 3 should be. You’ll need to narrow your topic significantly, then make a much more specific claim than that “there are differences” among adults.

  2. gossipgirl3801 says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by “child”, does this mean playing tee ball when you are 5 or does it mean playing soccer as a teenager in high school? I personally played sports until I was a teenager and I am not sure it has affected my body at all. I think your claim can be made using teenagers instead of the word children. Children’s sports aren’t that intense, but high school sports are and definitely could have a long lasting affects. Once you clean and expand your topic I think it could be an interesting research project!

  3. rose1029 says:

    I do like your topic it is very interesting. I do think it could be a little more specific though. I personally can relate to earlier sports injuries affecting me today, but I also think it depends on the injury. You can talk about major injuries and how they affect an individual in adulthood as well as more wear down injuries that don’t really affect someone who’s in their youth, but will when they get older. There are benefits that come with doing sports. You can be stronger in many ways compared to someone who never was as active. Depending on what side you’re on. You can talk about the pros and cons of doing sports at an early age and not doing them, moreover how habits can be shaped by them. It also depends on which sport (i.e. football compared to baseball) and how deep into the sport that person maybe (i.e. recreational purposes or trying to go pro). I hope these ideas help you out.
    I know ESPN should have a lot of articles on youth sports that you may be able to use in your research.

    Best of luck!

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