My Hypothesis – OmgMafia

  1. Mental Health Issues

2. Mental Health Issues of College Students

3. College Students Suffering from Stress

4. No one realizes how much stress a person can suffer from until they experience the college life.

5. You would think that college students’ futures were secure, but really, the amount of them that are suffering from stress and sleep deprivation continues to increase.

6. How sleeping, meditating, taking warm showers, and smoking helps relieve stress from college students better than the therapy and counseling that their daily encounters recommend for them.

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2 Responses to My Hypothesis – OmgMafia

  1. sixers103 says:

    When you talk about the mental health of a college student each student has their own ways of dealing with stress. You named four very realistic things to do but not every person uses those four specific things. Some people may like playing a sport in their free time, running, or even going to the gym can help someone relive stress. If you take a look at (, it provides 10 different ways that college students can relieve stress and explains a little about each. I think overall your really hitting the main points with the topic.

  2. samtheman1448 says:

    I also believe that mental health is extremely important especially in college students. The four activities you named are things that can help relieve stress but there are also other options out there that may be seen as more healthy than smoking. Many will argue that smoking is not healthy for you and there are also a lot of students that may refuse to try smoking because of the fact that in most areas it is still illegal.

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