My Hypothesis

  1. Homeless people in America.
  2. Homeless people and social safety nets.
  3. The effectiveness of social safety nets on homeless people.
  4. Current welfare systems in the U.S have not been shown effective in assisting the homeless.
  5. All social safety nets should be removed and replaced,
  6. Universal basic income should be applied to all American citizens as a right of citizenship.
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1 Response to My Hypothesis

  1. taxmanmaxwell says:

    Universal basic income is a great way to reduce the stress of entering the market on homeless Americans, but what about non-Americans living in the U.S.? UBI works well as a broad safety nets but there may be some more severe situations that will probably cause you to want to keep other safety nets. While narrowing the topic to the U.S. is essential for brevity it can be useful to contrast social safety nets in other countries. The World Bank site provides plenty of economic data on the world’s largest economies.

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