My Hypothesis – Samtheman1448

1. Longer seasons in football

2. Longer regular seasons in NFL football

3. The positive effect the NFL would receive by expanding its regular season

4. NFL players will not experience more injuries by adding more games to the regular season.

5. Eliminating the NFL preseason gives the league a chance to lengthen the schedule of the regular season and gives fans what they want.

6. Eliminating the NFL preseason gets rid of the games that no one wants to play in or watch and gives the league a chance to lengthen the schedule of the regular season without any more injuries and gives fans what they want.

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2 Responses to My Hypothesis – Samtheman1448

  1. davidbdale says:

    Sam, your post is not showing up in the sidebar because you haven’t placed it into the Categories for your Username or the assigned Task.

  2. harp03 says:

    Hi Sam,

    I have several points to make that intrigued me after reading your hypothesis. As far as things I agree with you about, I would definitely say that fans would enjoy it more, and I also agree that a majority of players do not enjoy playing in preseason games. It may also lower ticket, concession, and other prices associated with attending a game which would be great for fans!

    However, I disagree that preseason games should be eliminated entirely because they provide the team with an appropriate amount of time to analyze their young players. Teams already know what they’re getting from their veterans, but first-year players, injured players, etc, they are unsure of how they will produce. Even in a 17, 18, 19, or 20-game season, every game counts, so this plan may backfire for the players, fans, or both. If the coaches put unprepared young, or injured, players into games that matter, fans would have an issue with it if they lost the game because of it. On the other hand, if young talent were deprived of playing time, not only would it make them unhappy, but it would also stunt their development further. Experience is everything in sports!

    There are plenty of resources that encourage a long season, so you should not have any issues finding sources. But I would recommend looking at Bleacher Report’s article on Why The NFL Season Length is Just Right. Bleacher Report is not know for its accurate reporting on professional sport transactions, but it does usually offer very credible news/discussion articles. This may help you think about ways to counter opposing thoughts about the topic, like mine.

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