My Hypothesis-TaxManMaxwell

1. Legality of Abortion

2. Abortion legality and heads of state.

3. The effects of female heads of state on abortion legality.

4. Having a female head of state increases the chance of having abortion legalized.

5. Political affiliation plays little role in leading women legalizing abortion.

6. Election conservative women will increase the odds of legalizing abortion.

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1 Response to My Hypothesis-TaxManMaxwell

  1. shaquilleoatmeal2250 says:

    Hey TaxMan! I think you have a great topic, but I still think it’s a tad to broad for your whole paper. I thinks you could include a reason why right in the hypothesis. Like just add on to the end something like because of so and so or by the fact being… etc. You could make something great out of this hypothesis, but I think you just need to dig a little deeper.

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