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Defining A Minimum Wage

Initially upheld by a supreme court decision in 1938 the national minimum wage has grown to ensure an increasing number of U.S. workers are paid no less than the given nationally established value. This value has increased over time but … Continue reading

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Proposal+5: TaxManMaxwell

For my research essay I will examine the success of U.S. retail companies with respect to raising national minimum wage. In my research I intend to argue that raising the national minimum wage is the best manner with which to … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims- TaxManMaxwell

Brannan Vines has never been to war, but her husband, Caleb, was sent to Iraq twice, where he served in the infantry as a designated marksman This sentence contains a series of factual claims. Brannan could prove never being to … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summary-TaxManMaxwell

Sometimes expressing anger can help a relationship in the long-term It seems counterintuitive that you would want to pick a fight with a romantic partner, but it can lead to a healthier relationship. The consensus of any relationship is often that … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-TaxManMaxwell

1. Legality of Abortion 2. Abortion legality and heads of state. 3. The effects of female heads of state on abortion legality. 4. Having a female head of state increases the chance of having abortion legalized. 5. Political affiliation plays … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft-TaxManMaxwell

A Valueless Commodity The currency we use holds no value. A dollar bill itself is not useful or something to be wanted. The only reason people seek out dollar bills is due to the expectation that they will be able … Continue reading

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Practice Post-taxmanmaxwell

My First Post This is the first post I am writing, it is for practice.

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