My Hypothesis-Dancestar10

  1. Music affects your mood
  2. Music effects on the brain 
  3. How music affects the development of your brain and emotions 
  4. Listening to music can increase your brain matter and release dopamine
  5. Listening to music helps your learning and improve your memory and makes you happy 
  6. Improved mood can affect everything around you and improve your education 
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1 Response to My Hypothesis-Dancestar10

  1. a1175 says:

    I do find this topic to be interesting because I always notice my mood changing when I listen to certain songs. I do think that #6 should include music in it somewhere since every other point you made included the idea of music. Music was your foundation and then you kind of tossed it aside on #6. I look forward to seeing what information you’ll use to suppose this idea.

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