Clean Girls Get Sicker?

It seems counterintuitive that children that are clean, are ultimately getting sicker than other children. The children that are acquiring more autoimmune diseases the most are the stereotypical little girls in dresses. 

A philosopher of science at Oregon State University, Sharyn Clough, states young girls are expected to be clean and pristine compared to boys who are expected to get down in the dirt. Women are more likely to get asthma, allergies and have autoimmune diseases. 

Being more open to germs will give children the chance to be more immunized to the bacteria. Dirt has many different kinds of germs that the children can be exposed to. In the meantime, we have higher rates of sanitation than we once did.

Surviving the Shower

It seems counterintuitive that something so simple as taking a shower can also be a high risk of hazard for people, especially the elderly. On the island of New Guinea, a tree falls every night and Jared Diamond became close to many fatal accidents because of falling trees. 

The New Guineans are very careful about their regular activities because one false move and they can be dead. If people didn’t care about making mistakes even with simple tasks, it could cost them their life. Americans seem to worry about the wrong things, things that they can’t control rather than what they can. People shouldn’t live in fear and not do anything with their lives, they just need to be careful even with little everyday tasks that we don’t find a big deal. 

Do Toms Shoes Really Help People?

It seems counterintuitive that buy-one-give-one companies are helping people in communities, but also competing with their local businesses. Toms shoes are given out to children in Ethiopia, but the children already have shoes. Toms doesn’t really give work to local shoe companies, rather just giving them competition. 

For a buy-one-give-one company to be useful, they need to work hand in hand with local companies in the community rather than just supplying goods and putting the companies out of business. Customers of these buy-one-get-one companies have a right to know exactly how their money is being used, so companies need to make sure they put those details on their website. 

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