My Hypothesis–Tenere84

  1. School shootings
  2. School shootings and media influence
  3. The influence of the media and a disturbed person’s likelihood to commit mass shootings
  4. Media sensationalism is partly to blame for today’s mass shootings
  5. School shootings happen in part because the media and news outlets constantly report on them, giving the perpetrators fame and notoriety.
  6. Passing legislation that would ban news and media outlets from reporting the personal details of school shooters would deter future perpetrators because the lack of fame and notoriety would reduce the incentive to commit school shootings.
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3 Responses to My Hypothesis–Tenere84

  1. shaquilleoatmeal2250 says:

    I believe this is a great hypothesis since I personally never have thought of this myself. I think you this is very specific and a great idea that can lead you on for the 3000 word criteria. It’s something not a lot think about and people would never think of it unless told about it. Great example of a counterintuitive hypothesis. Props to you Tenere!

  2. alyse816 says:

    I think your topic is brilliant. I personally agree that not giving so much attention would help the school shooting rates decrease. If we don’t draw attention to it, maybe it won’t be such a problem. This is a very good topic that more people should agree with and maybe you can start persuading them, Good luck!

  3. walmaarts says:

    Your topic is outstanding. Personally, I believed this was a great solution when the popularity of school shootings started to rise. The only problem that I see is the First Amendment. It states that the public has freedom of the press. This means that news outlets can post the details and basically “promote” school shootings.

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