Purposeful Summaries- gossipgirl3801

1.It seems counterintuitive that at the Ringling Brothers Circus they abuse their elephants to legitimate death and it has been proven but the government has not taken any action to sue or shut them down. It is disgusting to hear that 24 baby elephants have been murdered by this circus over the last 22 years and nothing has been done about it. Elephants are being ignored when sick or disease stricken and forced to continue their performance or else they get whipped or shackled. How has nothing been done by the government to stop this production and save the elephants that are at huge risk of injury, sickness, or even death? The Ringling Brothers Circus is probably not the only circus participating in these animal cruelty crimes and they all should not only be fined and incarcerated but shut down for good. 

2.It seems counterintuitive that a health-care reporter was put in a very tough situation to decide whether or not to pay for his mom’s death or to see if she could recover. It proves just how hard it is to make a decision like this when the person in a comma is your close relative, even a person who studies health care often could not make a correct decision because he was thinking about that 1% that his mother could survive this even if it went against 99% of all odds. It seems crazy to think that studies show if a person is in a coma for more than 72 hours that the odds of them ever waking up or making it are very low, only 3 days to make such a huge decision for a loved ones life like that. When deciding to pull the plug on someone you love you want to do as much research as possible to see if it’s worth holding out for recovery or not, but you never truly will know the right answers.

3.It seems counterintuitive that photographers and reporters go to places in crisis like Haiti to observe their struggle but do nothing about it but take a picture to show us back in America. It’s unethical to take a photo from 10 feet away of someone’s child dead on the ground, blood pouring out of them, and no one around helping her. It is very disrespectful to photograph a dead person, even if it’s for us back home to see just how terrible conditions are there. You should not be going to these poor countries if you are not going there to help people but instead exploiting someone’s dead baby. Haitians did not come to our country and do nothing but take pictures of a helpless bleeding child on the dirt ground, so no one else should be doing it either.

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