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Why Keeping Little Girls Squeaky Clean Could Make Them Sick

It seems counterintuitive that children who are kept clean actually end up getting sick more times than that of those who are allowed to get dirty. Focusing more around females, this article explains that because little girls are expected to be more clean compared to boys, women tend to be three times more likely to get sick. More times than not, little girls are dressed up all nice and sweet which then leads to them not being able to get dirty and play around like the boys. Not being exposed to dirt and germs leads to easier infections and more illnesses for women compared to men. With this fact in mind, all children should be encouraged to go and get messy, to play around without the fear of getting dirty for the sole purpose of building up their immune systems at an early age. 

Vancouver Combats Heroin By Giving Its Addicts The Best Smack In The World

It seems counterintuitive that to fight addiction, Vancouver is in fact providing the best of that drug to addicts. The “Downtown Eastside” is the center of Vancouver’s drug problem so to try and ease the problem, they came up with a safe zone called Insite. This place is where addicts can come shoot up under the watchful eye of a nurse without having that worry of getting arrested. There is research being done for this cause and those taking part of this research are prescribed doses of heroin as so called treatment. It’s for a low number of people, only twenty-six, and Schauffler, a Pacific Northwest Correspondent for Al Jazeera, notes that these addicts are the ones that do not make any kind of steps to getting clean. He furthers explains that this process is lowering the amount of harm these people are doing to themselves as they won’t end up dead in an alley somewhere or end up selling themselves for more product. This idea stems from countries in Europe and like Vancouver, these sites are for only the absolute worst of addicts. This process is only doing the inevitable: killing the addicts but with much more kindness. 

That Daily Shower Can Be A Killer 

It seems counterintuitive that something as simple and everyday as a shower can be so dangerous, especially when considering the elderly. Jared, the elderly man who recounts about his encounter with almost coming to his end due to almost falling in the shower. He’s come across another encounter that could have been deadly, way more dangerous than some ordinary shower. While in New Guinea, Jared camped near a dead tree, a tree that was at the risk of falling anytime. Other trees around him fell night after night and he came to realize the point of view of those living in New Guinea after doing a frequency/risk calculation. He came to understand that us Americans obsess and become fearful over the wrong things, not realizing the true dangers out there. Americans tend to exaggerate dangerous scenarios, pushing someone into bad paranoia. Jared came to be aware of things as simple as showers and steps because to those higher in age, these simple things become the dangers that younger people are oblivious to. 

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