Purposeful Summaries

Do Multivitamins Really Work?

            It seems counterintuitive that Multivitamins do not actually make you healthier and can even be dangerous. With millions of people taking multivitamins every day, we must question if they really make you healthier? Most people intake their daily number of vitamins without the use of multivitamins. The use of multivitamins can even cause people to have too much vitamins in their system. Colorectal cancers can even be caused from intaking too much folic acid, a B vitamin that can be found in multivitamins. Anorexics and only some groups of people are recommended to take multivitamins. While most people achieve the vitamins, they need from the food they ingest every day.  

Why Keeping Little Girls Squeaky Clean Could Make Them Sick

            It seems counterintuitive that little girls that stay clean can become sicker than kids who are exposed to a lot of germs. Researched has shown that kids exposed to a lot of germs are not as likely to develop allergies or other diseases. Studies have shown that little girls are expected to stay cleaner than boys who go outside and get dirty. This can be a reason why girls have higher rate in illnesses like asthma. While the boys are outside, they are exposed to bacteria in the soil that may help develop tolerance to certain illnesses.

The Counterintuitive World

            It seems counterintuitive to put armor on plans that made it back from missions in the places bullet holes were present. During World War II many plans were shot down, so armor was the answer. To decided where to put the armor they would look at the bullet holes in the plans that made it back and place the armor where the most bullet holes were found. In reality this did not make sense because even though there were many bullet holes in the plans that made it back they still made it back. Instead they should have examined the places the plane did not get shot and placed armor there.

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