Purposeful Summaries- Alyse816

Clean Girls Get Sicker

It seems counterintuitive that little girls who stay more clean and face less germs will get sicker than kids who are around more germs and aren’t so clean. As read in the article it says that kids who aren’t exposed to as many germs are more likely to get sick because they are not building up their immune system to it. Kids that face more germs and play in the dirt, and get dirty build up their tolerance to these illnesses and germs and don’t have a hard time fighting them off. This doesn’t only apply to common cold and illnesses it also helps fight off the risk of getting asthma and other autoimmune disorders as you get older.

Men Define Rape

It seems counterintuitive that men are the ones that have been defining what rape is and what rape is not when studies show that they are predominitely the ones who are found guilty of it. For thousands of years men have been the ones in the courtrooms and in offices deciding the laws and actions to define this horrible thing. For instance, if you were black, years ago when slaves were still around rape was very common, and very much ignored. It also seems counterintuitive that a much less violent form of rape has to be preformed in order to test for rape. The law says that a women has to provide a rape test where they again have to inapproprielty touch the women again. 

 Is PTSD Contagious?

It seems counterintuitive that someone who has never been to war can have PTSD but in fact this is very true. Brannan Vines has never been to war but still suffers the horrible symptoms of PTSD. In the article it tells about a time that she was in a local CVS when all of sudden she got very angry because the elderly lady in front of her was counting her change. It is little triggers like this that can upset her at any given time. She didn’t just one day wake up with this, her husband was in the military and also suffered from PTSD. He has been home since 2006, which is plenty of time for Brannan to start suffering from this disease as well.

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