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Proposal+5- gossipgirl3801

Proposal: For my research essay, I will be conducting research on the fetal origins hypothesis. The fetal origins hypothesis is an idea that a baby starts to learn as soon as they are developed in their mother’s womb. I will … Continue reading

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Claim Analysis- gossipgirl3801

1. “Granted, diagnosing PTSD is a tricky thing.” Why is it tricky or hard? How does the author know this? Using the word “granted” makes it seems sarcastic almost and not like it’s okay that doctors aren’t sure if its … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- gossipgirl3801

1.It seems counterintuitive that at the Ringling Brothers Circus they abuse their elephants to legitimate death and it has been proven but the government has not taken any action to sue or shut them down. It is disgusting to hear … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- gossipgirl3801

Fetal origins  Babies learn before they are born The effect that mothers have on their unborn baby Pregnant women who go through traumatic events are most likely to have children born with the same PTSD. While inside their mother’s stomach, … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft- gossipgirl3801

The True Value of Money             Money is what makes the world go around, but how often do we physically see our money these days? Since the beginning we have evolved from trading goods, to paying with gold, to coins … Continue reading

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My First Post eufhberuoenuvbub

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