Claim Analysis- gossipgirl3801

1. “Granted, diagnosing PTSD is a tricky thing.”

  • Why is it tricky or hard? How does the author know this?
  • Using the word “granted” makes it seems sarcastic almost and not like it’s okay that doctors aren’t sure if its PSTD or not.
  • Saying “tricky thing” also makes the author sound less like a credible source .
  1. “PTSD goes up with the number of tours and the amount of combat experienced.”
  • What statistics show this?
  • How does she know the amount of combat experience has to do with how much PSTD a soldier has?
  • Feels irrelevant to Caleb’s story and the author is just adding in facts for nothing.
  1. It’s kind of hard to understand Caleb’s injuries.”
  • The author is inferring that us readers don’t understand the effects war has on people or that we don’t know what PTSD is.
  • Very fague and unsure statement to start a paragraph with.
  • What is Caleb’s “injury” and why is it hard to understand?
  1. “Whatever is happening to Caleb, it’s as old as war itself.”
  • “Whatever is happening” is very vague and makes the illness seem unimportant.
  • How old is war? What does this have to do with Caleb’s illness? 
  • Statement is irrelevant to the main topic of the article which is to bring awareness that PTSD can be contagious.
  1. Civil War doctors, who couldn’t think of any other thing that might be unpleasant about fighting the Civil War but homesickness, diagnosed thousands with “nostalgia.” 
  • This statement makes it seem like doctors in the Civil War didn’t care and then shows no proof of it.
  • Again, I think the statement is irrelevant to the article as a whole and steers away from the big picture.
  • Infers too much about the Civil War without using actual facts, Caleb did not fight in the civil war so the author should be focused more on the wars that Caleb fought in.
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