PTSD Claims–Dupreeh

He’s one of 103,200, or 228,875, or 336,000 Americans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and came back with PTSD, depending on whom you ask, and one of 115,000 to 456,000 with traumatic brain injury.

  • This claim comes off as a factual claim but, the author does not cite any sources, making these numbers not complete reliable.
  • Caleb has come back from war suffering from PTSD
  • Some Americans who go off to fight in wars come back with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries

Caleb has been home since 2006, way more than enough time for Brannan to catch his symptoms.

  • The claim is that the time since the war veteran has been home his wife has had enough time to catch his PTSD symptoms.
  • This seems to be more of a casual claim because there is no real study here to show the amount of time to catch the PTSD symptoms.

It’s kind of hard to understand Caleb’s injuries. Even doctors can’t say for sure exactly why he has flashbacks

  • Not everyone can understand Caleb’s PTSD.
  • The author does not specify how many doctors but claims that doctor can not diagnose why he has PTSD and flashbacks
  • This claim seems to be more of an evaluation claim because it is evaluation Caleb’s PTSD.

You can’t see Caleb’s other wound, either. It’s called traumatic brain injury, or TBI, from multiple concussions. In two tours, he was in at least 20 explosions—IEDs, vehicle-borne IEDs, RPGs

  • From suffering multiple concussions from explosions Caleb has developed a traumatic brain injury.
  • The second claim the author makes it sound like Caleb has developed the traumatic brain injury from just this two-hour period where he suffered many explosions.
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