Purposeful Summary- Samtheman1448

Photographers in horror stricken places

It seems counterintuitive that many photographers from across the world will travel to countries that have recently gone through severe tragedies just to take pictures. You would think countries would send these people to go and help the people in need. Instead, photographers go to these places to get the best possible pictures they can get for the rest of the world to see. Though, without the photographers, we would not be able to see at home for ourselves what damage is taking place across the globe.

Clean girls get sicker

It seems counterintuitive that young girls who stay clean all the time will get sicker than kids that like to play outside and get dirty. Research on children is showing that the kids that are exposed to more germs at a young age are less likely to develop allergies or autoimmune disorders when they grow older. Kids that grow up playing in the dirt outside build up a tolerance to these illnesses and germs and their bodies do not struggle fighting off new germs.

Is PTSD contagious?

It seems counterintuitive that someone that has never been anywhere near a battlefield can suffer from PTSD but it seems that ordinary people can suffer from this disease. Brannen Vines explains an incident that took place in a CVS where she became extremely angry and upset at a customer that was just simply in front of her in line counting her change. Little tiny things like this have begun to set her off and it is believed to be because her husband returned home from war in 2006 and also suffers from PTSD.

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