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Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide

It seems counterintuitive that the ill and elderly ones have a choice to painlessly kills themselves with the assist of physicians and medicine. With the two different ways to choose from, Euthanasia or Physician Assisted Suicide, people essentially have a chance to choose if they no longer wish to live while doing it painlessly. There are different types of Euthanasia such as voluntary, nonvoluntary, involuntary, passive, and active. A patient can be treated with the method of Euthanasia only if they are suffering from an incurable disease, and they can only receive the method with their own consent, a close relative’s consent if they are unable to give consent. Unfortunately, even if the patient can give consent but wishes not to, they may be forced against their will to go through Euthanasia. Another option that people have would be physician assisted suicide in which they are given pills to place them into a coma, and the patient does not need to be ill to take the pills. Even though it is a difficult topic to discuss, as long as they have no history of any mental illness or emotional instability, and the patient and physician are obeying the Death with Dignity Law, it is very possible to decide your death date.

Economic Cons Outweigh the Pros

It seems counterintuitive that unemployment rates are raising and Inflation is increasing because the Government decides to increase minimum wage. At first it seems all cool and dandy, the government raising minimum wage way higher than it was before, but really, it is just causing the economy to go downhill. Unemployment rates are increasing severely with over 100,000 people either losing their jobs or not getting accepted into a part-time job they applied for. This is causing numerous young and low-skilled individuals to not get jobs or the experience for a job, which will definitely affect the economy in the long-run when businesses are in need of new employees and there won’t be many people who know how to work a simple job. As the government is raising minimum wage, it is causing businesses to lose money because they have to pay their employees a larger amount of income. Before, minimum wage used to be very low, but now since minimum wage has raised, businesses have been trying to find ways to save money by using technology and replacing a human worker with a robot or computer. For example, McDonald’s self-serve kiosks or Walmart’s self check outs are taking over. Along with gas prices going up as well, the unemployment rate and rate of inflation is not going to stop rising, and when the butterfly effect continues, sooner or later the economy is going to experience a great recession.

Does age matter how well you play the game?

It seems counterintuitive that Jared Goff, quarterback of LA Rams, seems to be the worst NFC West quarterback to make it to the Super Bowl, but loyal fans argue that it was his young age that correlated with his poor playing. Age does not determine how well you play, it is the skill that defines it. It was proven that age does not matter when it comes to how well you play in the Super Bowl. Whether a football player is too old or too young, they will have the energy to play at their best. If they are too young, then they never would have been drafted in the first place, and if a player is too old, then they will retire from the game. Goff played the worst game a quarterback could ever play in the Super Bowl, and this was what even fans were saying. Other players won the Super Bowl at a young age, and that proves that even at Goff’s age, around 24, it is the prime age to be an athlete. As a quarterback, Goff was known as the player who carried the team to the Super Bowl, but he did not keep that same energy when when it was his time to shine.

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