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Clean Girls Get Sicker

It seems counter intuitive that girls who are generally more clean than other girls end up being sicker than those who face more germs and just aren’t generally as clean. It would make sense to all that being clean all the time will give a much less chance of getting sick, but rather being in contact with germs and bacteria is better for the immune system as it toughens it up for whenever being in contact with germs. It’s a requirement for the body to be introduced to germs because if you always clean the body won’t know what to do when it comes in contact with germs. When fighting bacteria and germs the body builds antibodies which protect the immune system, but without being introduced to unclean environments, the body will never learn to make those antibodies. This results in kids who stay very clean to become more at risk of sickness versus kids who get dirty and experience their fair share of germs.

Multivitamins Dangerous?

It seems counterintuitive that consuming multivitamins is actually worse for your health then it is better. Studies show that the average humans already consume the proper amount of necessary vitamins throughout the day without taking and vitamins. Adding the consumption of daily vitamins has no health benefits to the body at all. The over intake of some vitamins can also cause negative problems to one’s health that are unexpected. From all the information received from these daily vitamins, there should only be a select few who should be taking these daily in the case they don’t already receive the necessary intake of said vitamin a day.

Photographers In Horror Stricken Places

It seems counterintuitive that photographers travel around the world to places who endure horrifying events or are dangerous places just to be able to capture some photos with their camera. Anyone that travels to a dangerous place or a place who has been  stricken by a tragic event would be thought to have been doing so as a helpful purpose or to support the ones in need rather than to take pictures of people going through these horrifying times, but nope they are there for the soul purpose of gathering the pictures they want or need. As strange as this may seem it is used around the world so that people like us can see visuals and presentations of the stories we are told. These photographers allow people from a far to see the real damage and not only hear about it through word of mouth.

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