Purposeful Summaries-Walmaarts (cont.)

Casinos and Strategy.

It seems counterintuitive that casinos are allowed to kick people out of their establishment for winning but, a limit isn’t set on how much a customer can lose in a day. The best example of this is in the table game blackjack. Strategies were developed that made it easier to count cards. This method was called the “Hi-Low” method and involves tracking when higher cards and lower cards are going to be dealt. Casinos caught on to this trend and quickly noticed when players gained massive amounts of money. With the addition of cameras almost every game is monitored making it hard to get away with. In my opinion, this isn’t cheating, it is using your brain to make an educated decision because of this casinos despise this. It is counterintuitive that casinos can drain people of their money (sometimes thousands of dollar through gambling addicts) but ban players that use their brain to get an advantage over the house.

Drinking Age and Serving

It seems counterintuitive that every states drinking law in the United States has an age limit of 21 and above but citizens at age 18 can serve in the military. Without a doubt serving brings more risk than sitting down and responsibly drinking. The law setting the drinking age is a state level law but the United States government started taking away money via highway funds if that state didn’t change the age to 21 years of age. Because of this every states drinking age is now 21. It seems counterintuitive that young Americans can do something as dangerous as serving for the United States but legally can’t even drink

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