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Purposeful Summaries-Walmaarts (cont.)

Casinos and Strategy. It seems counterintuitive that casinos are allowed to kick people out of their establishment for winning but, a limit isn’t set on how much a customer can lose in a day. The best example of this is … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-Walmaarts

Link It seems counterintuitive that we label some peoples lives as “poor quality” but physician-assisted suicide isn’t legal in every state. Physicians-assisted suicide is “when a physician facilitates a patient’s death by providing the necessary means and/or information to enable the patient … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – Walmaarts

Sports and children Competitive sports and schools Popularity of sports in the United States Sports and the media Medias influence on sports Is the medias influence negative or positive for players of a sport.

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Practice Post–Walmaarts

My First Post

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A01: Stone Money – Walmaarts

There is a very well know saying that states “money makes the world go round”. Currency or money, in my opinion, is the “root to all evil” but at the same time, we couldn’t live without it. We all know … Continue reading

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