PTSD claims-sixers103

PTSD is one of the many severe effects of coming back from the military. It is such a brutal thing to go through as a person and the fact that it can be “spread” to other people around a person with PTSD is insane. The 5th paragraph of the article really gives you an insight to what Brannan is going through. Caleb who is her husband, has been home since 2006 which means that there was a whole lot of time that he could’ve rubbed the way he acts onto Brannan. She goes in depth talking about how she forgets how to do the laundry and that whenever Caleb is home the house most be in a darkness. Even though she doesn’t have it as bad as Caleb does there are still some things that affect her everyday. They only keep there TV connected to Netflix because cable could possibly be a trigger for Caleb. Even the littlest things around someone with PTSD could lead to a frantic outbreak from that person. Its hard to truly diagnose someone with PTSD until you see a symptom of PTSD. Its one of the many things in the world that can come at any moment in time out of nowhere by even the slightest noise or even just a quick look at something could trigger a flashback/outbreak. 

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