PTSD Claims-a1175

“But she’s got a warrior’s skills: hyperawareness, hypervigilance, adrenaline-sharp quick-scanning for danger, for triggers. Super stimuli-sensitive.”

-assumes the skills of a warrior 

“This PTSD picture is worse than some, but much better, Brannan knows, than those that have devolved into drug addiction and rehab stints and relapses.”

how do they know what all of people’s PTSD looks like

-how do they know about people who have drug addictions and PTSD if they don’t show any research/examples to prove it

-automatically making it seem as if people who have drug addictions and PTSD have it worse than others

“Some hypotheses for why PTSD only tortures some trauma victims blame it on unhappily coded proteins, or a misbehaving amygdala.”

-with the word “some” we know that there are at least 2 hypotheses involved

-there are more trauma victims that they haven’t talked to and listened to their ideas(putting victims into a category)

-there are probably more hypotheses out there

“Somebody at the VA told me, ‘Kids in Congo and Uganda don’t have PTSD,’”

do show us what kinds of tests they did to know the kids don’t have PTSD

-categorizing all kids from Congo and Uganda by saying they don’t have PTSD

“But some spouses and loved ones suffer symptoms that are, as one medical journal puts it, ‘almost identical to PTSD except that indirect exposure to the traumatic event through close contact with the primary victim of trauma’ is the catalyst.”

-there’s at least 2 spouses that have almost identical symptoms of PTSD

-they don’t give any examples that have happened to “some” of these spouses

“‘Trauma is a contagious disease; it affects everyone that has close contact with a traumatized person’”

-making it sound like a trauma is a virus or bacterial infection 

-coming to a conclusion that a trauma is a disease 

-putting “everyone that has close contact with a traumatized person” into a category by saying they are effected

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