PTSD Claims – ShaquilleOatmeal

 “He’s one of 103,200, or 228,875, or 336,000 Americans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and came back with PTSD”

  • This seems that it maybe a factual claim as it is presenting stats on others with PTSD as well
  • They couldn’t have randomly said these numbers without factual evidence

“Brannan and Caleb can be tense with their own agitation, and tense about each other’s”

  • The claim here is that PTSD doesn’t only affect the person with it, but also the people around them
  • This sort of connects straight to the whole article topic of PTSD being contagious because it shows that PTSD does have an affect on more than just the one diagnosed
  • PTSD plays a huge role in Caleb’s life as well as his wife’s, Brannan’s as you can tell by the fact of their agitation towards each other

“Trauma is a contagious disease; it affects everyone that has close contact with a traumatized person”

  • This claim also directly connects to the topic in a strong manner as it says that it affects everyone around the traumitized person
  • Showing that PTSD is more effective too many lives than people may think
  • Shows that trauma is very contagious and caution should be taken drastically when dealing with someone with PTSD
  • Categorizing PTSD as a disease that is contagious and can be spread

“Trauma is really not something that happens to an individual”

  • Claim that trauma symptoms isn’t really received from actually going through a traumatic event
  • The people who go through these symptoms of trauma are also the people around the initial person with it
  • PTSD recipients are sharing their symptoms even though it’s unintentional

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