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My research essay is about the fact that different types of music can affect your moods . In my research I would like to see the ways the brain reacts to music and who it affects your mood and also how  it helps the brain development. I would also how to see the process the brain goes through while listening to music and how that increases your mood and how it helps the brain become more intelligent .


Background: This article is about music that can be used for therapy because  since music affects our brain , it could possibly help those who have mental problems. It also talks about how music increases our mood which affects our surroundings and how it helps perceive the world around us based on what type of music you are listening to.

How I Intend to use it : This article will help me realize the ways that music can affect you in many ways. It also shows that music may be a different way to help mental problems .

Music to reduce pain and suffering during and after surgery.,


background: This article talks about the research between music in the impact it has on our feelings and mood. This article basically talks about the how and the why music impacts us and certain beats and how fast or slow the pace  of the music controls are our emotions . For example how slow and smooth songs reflects sadness

How I intend to do this : this article will teach me how the brain works when listening to music and how it physically affects your brain and the process it goes through. It will show how each type of music is connected to a certain kind of emotion and . 


Background: This article talks about the psychology of music listening. It talks about how certain people have been researching music for a long people for a long time and talks about the reason why we still listen to music even if it affects her mood.

How I intend to use it : this article will show me the different perspectives of people searching about music and will help me understand the reason why people listen to music and why we don’t stop . It will help me view the effect of listening to music in different ways which could help me improve my essay .

  1. Background: this article shows 5 ways that listening as a child can help brain development faster and much smarter it can make you . 

How I intend to use it. This article will help explain the many benefits listening to music can have on you . It helps me realize how it’s increasing your memory and helps you understand whatever you are listening to much easier .

  • Background: This article shows how playing music or learning music  at a young age can increase smart and how increase gray matter in the brain . It’s also talks about how should encourage their child to learn music starting at a young age  
  • How I intend to use it : I will use this article to expand on the facts that children learning at a young age helps the brain grow in a great way and how it has many benefits in the end .


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3 Responses to Proposal+5- dancestar10

  1. davidbdale says:

    DanceStar, I don’t know who you are (that’s the beauty of the anonymous usernames), but I do know I was pretty ruthless in critiquing your Proposal+5 in class this morning. Please try to accept that I meant to send a clear message not to you, personally, but to the 20 students in our class. It probably felt uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of the criticism, but I thank you for not standing up and telling me what you may have been feeling. I don’t want to lose your enthusiasm (if you still have any). Now that I feel obligated to make amends, please count on me for extra assistance finding sources, analyzing data, offering rhetorical advice, whatever would help you most. You’ll find me eager to assist.

  2. davidbdale says:

    DanceStar, you’ll need to focus. Different reactions to different types of music in different situations for different purposes will not result in a focused research position paper that makes a specific recommendation for a particular proposal. The sooner you limit your research to a narrower topic, the more progress you can make toward a researchable hypothesis. I don’t know yet whether or not you were in class for the in-person critique I conducted at the beginning of the lesson, so I don’t know whether to repeat myself here. Please let’s engage in conversation either here or in person so I can provide more useful feedback.

  3. davidbdale says:

    You promised to leave me a Feedback Please request and remind me to look at your sources.

    Meanwhile, here’s a link to a very silly video featuring Rhapsody in Blue (surely the most famous piece of popular clarinet playing ever).

    And a tutorial in case you still have an instrument.

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