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For my research essay I will investigate the lopsided argument of homemade lunches vs school lunches and which is more nutritional and better for student academics. I intend to discover the factual evidence and truth about home brought lunches as they lack the nutritional value needed for student daily health necessities and why school made lunches are benefiting student education moreover personal homemade.

Promoting the consumption of modern school lunches will benefit student education/focus in the classroom more than modern homemade lunches because of the well-balanced and variety being presented to students at school[a]

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     Children’s packed lunches lack nutritional quality

Background: This article focuses on a major survey conducted on children attending various primary schools in England. They found that fewer than two in every one hundred packed lunches indeed met nutritional standards. This article states that eight standards have been introduced for cooked school lunches. Confectionery, savoury snacks and sweetened drinks are restricted while vegetables, protein and dairy have to be included in each meal.

How I Intend To Use it: This article will provide proper evidence of the lack of nutritional value presented in homemade lunches. Well over 75% homemade lunches lack essential daily vitamins and nutrients, but are over packed with sugary/ unhealthy snacks. This article will provide the insight of 100 kids lunches and how there is a lack of nutrition.

  1. URL: School Meals Are Healthier After Major Nutrition Reforms

Background: This article focuses on the increased scores of school lunches on the healthy eating index. Scores are much higher compared to where they were before 2010. Students who had bought school lunches were way more likely to consume milk, vegetables, and/or fruits at lunch than kids with lunches from home.

How I Intend To Use it: This article will improve my argument by showing that school lunches healthy eating index scores are rising up each year giving students better chance to receive necessary vitamins and minerals they may be lacking from homemade lunch. Knowing that veggies and fruits are consumed much more from school lunches will very much improve my argument that they are more nutritional.

  1. URL: How the quality of school lunch affects students’ academic performance

Background: The article focuses on increase of student testing grades when the school is paired in a healthy contract with a school lunch company. Students, on average, received .03 to .04 standard deviations higher which is a great improvement.

How I Intend To Use it: This article will improve my argument as a whole by providing in school test scores that have been increased due to healthy school lunches. This article can also provide a counter argument as to how some schools who aren’t paired with healthy lunch companies have students that maybe doing worse academically.

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Background: This article focuses on the direct impact of school lunches to students moods and education in the classroom. Students are given the complete option of healthy schools lunches, but are also provided the sugary and fattening foods.

How I Intend To Use it: This article can very much improve my argument as it provides the facts that school lunches provide all healthy options and nutritional value even if students do not choose that option. My argument is that school lunches are healthy and the thesis is being supported when these lunches have all the food categories recommended for daily intake.

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Background: This article focuses on the idea of home packed lunches lacking the protein, sodium, fiber, vitamins, etc. A study showed that there are some very well packed school lunches, but the overall study showed they were mostly unhealthy.

How I Intend To Use it: This article definitely improves my argument by the comparison between the two in contest which are the school made vs the homemade. In the contest it shows the homemade is lacking very much nutritional value and are higher in calories while the school lunches were almost 100 calories less.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Clearly you are finding support for your theory that school lunches are nutritionally superior to home-packed lunches, Shaq. That’s a good feeling to which you’re entitled. But not the end of the story.

    Your first source link led me to the article in Science Daily that provided the conclusion that “Fewer than two in every 100 packed lunches eaten by children in English primary schools meet nutritional standards, according to a major survey.” You cite the Science Daily article as your source. It is not. The source of your information is Charlotte Elizabeth Louise Evans, Kathryn Elizabeth Melia, Holly L Rippin, Neil Hancock, and Janet Cade’s study conducted at the University of Leeds.

    Science Daily does the exemplary service of providing you the link to the original study. Not many publications do, but when they do, your job as the researcher is made easier. Navigate to the original, read the study for yourself, and draw your conclusions from it, not from someone else’s summary. They may be very similar, in which case your voice joins the chorus of others who published first, or you may draw different conclusions than other reporters have, in which case you can add a new perspective to the conversation. Hope for the latter. But either way, be alert to surprise.

    You’re already investigating a theory that conscientious parents will strongly resist. I couldn’t be happier about that. But beware of accepting whatever points of view support your THESIS. You’re not supposed to have one yet. You’re testing a hypothesis. It may turn out to be true. Or it may turn out to yield even more surprising, more counterintuitive results.

    Approach all your sources this way. Most of them will be secondary at best. Their value is in guiding you to the primary sources where you can conduct your own evaluation of what they offer to a critical reader.

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