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I plan on opening a business called Trip Sitters.  It’s a psychedelic therapy facility that gives people an opportunity to try psychedelics such as Magic Mushrooms, LSD and DMT in a safe and controlled environment.  There are a few rules, You must have a background check with a psychiatrist, provide a list of allergies to any medications, if any, and you must make your appointment a week in advance.  These steps are to the safety of our clients.  We want to make sure that every customer has a great and safe time.  

To ensure that everyone gets the most out of there trip, our trip sitters are also experienced trippers that know a good deal on how to calm someone out of a “challenging” trip and incase of a nightmare trip there is an on site doctor that can and will prescribe u a trip killer such as Lorazepam(Ativan) and Diazepam(Valium), both drugs are classified as benzodiazepines.  Trip killers don’t actually take effect immediately, but usually taking the trip killer and knowing that your trip should be ending soon can create a placebo effect, helping the user calm down and enjoy the short remainder of the trip.  Due to benzodiazepines being highly addictive we do not allow our clients that have had previous benzodiazepine addiction or other addictive personality traits to have their trips killed by using one of these drugs.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are having a terror trip and had a previous addiction to benzodiazepines or for whatever reason cannot take one of the benzodiazepines you will be forced to have to sit through it and that your trip sitter will attempt to help guide you through the rest of your trip.   

We recommend that if your trip is starting to get challenging, and you think it is only going to go downhill from there, that you step outside into our garden or listen to some calming music to get a change of scenery and calm your mind. 

Test it before you ingest it.  The biggest danger in consuming psychedelic drugs off the streets is the potential of it being fake.  More specifically LSD, LSD tabs are created in a very simple way, you take a sheet of blotter paper and dip it in LSD. The problem with this is that this process can be repeated with numerous other drugs that could be harmful to the human body.  To ensure the safety of our clients we send all of our products off to Energy Control.  Without testing it is practically impossible to tell if your psychedelics are the real thing or if they are a fake, homemade, look alike version made with a different, unsafe, chemical such as 25I-NBOMe.  25I-NBOMe is a very dangerous drug that can be deadly with the right sized dose. It allegedly has a very bitter taste which is where the term if it’s bitter it’s a spitter comes from because LSD does not have any flavor.  Even the slightest bitter flavor means you should spit it out right away.  

DMT induces one of the most intense high one can get, making it somewhat dangerous but non-addictive. Going into a DMT trip is a very serious thing and it is not a drug to play around with.  Before you start your trip you need to think of every single possible outcome that can come of this. DMT has the potential of convincing your mind that you have died, which gives you the most intense feeling of death and then the felling of being completely being reborn indo this life.   This feeling can completely alter the way you view your life and make decisions in the future.  DMT is so powerful it can even feel like you are being possessed, or taken control of. When smoking it you want to make sure you smoke a lot of it.  If you smoke a little bit of it you will get stuck in the build-up.  If you smoke just enough you will break through but you’ll be in your head giving yourself a higher chance of having a bad trip, but if you smoke a lot of it you will be stuck on the ride. The lead-up is the scariest part because it is first starting to take control of your mind but you are still somewhat conscious, you are fighting for control.   Once you have finally given up and the drug takes control, here’s where it starts to get easier.  The best part is the breakthrough, this is when you would be being reborn after death.  People often describe this feeling to be euphoric.  

We do not allow the mixing of these drugs with anything except for cannabis.  Many people swear by cannabis when they are tripping because it can help relax and soothe your body.   It can also help if you find yourself on a challenging trip,   the marijuana can actually help relax your mind and remove the negativity from your trip.   The best part about adding cannabis to your trip is that it doesn’t harm your body or mind. Many people even smoke DMT by mixing it in with marijuana because it is easier to light that way.  Mixing other drugs like MDMA with psychedeleics like DMT can calm your body during the come up and make the entire time enjoyable, but MDMA is also dangerous and you can be overdosed.  

Psychedelics, when done safely, can be one of the most profound and enlightening experience one can get.  At Trip Sitters we want to make sure that you enjoy and have a safe trip.  Come heal yourself with us and take a trip with Trip Sitters.  

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