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Trip Sitters

Psychedelics have been around since the beginning of time.  Some people believe that the story about Moses and the burning bush was really just him tripping on DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) from the peganum harmala bush, a plant that is native to that location and highly rich in DMT.  Mushrooms are abundant in nature and can be found on every continent except for Antarctica.  These are potentially what cause the salem witch trials.  Now you may be thinking “why should we legalize something that caused the Salem witch trial” and there are multiple answers.  One if they knew they were on shrooms they wouldn’t think that those girls were witches. Two, making them legal makes it a lot easier to do more research on them because they would be easier to get.  Three tripping on psychedelics such as Psilocybin Mushrooms (magic mushrooms), DMT, and LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) (acid) can be very therapeutic and can actually help with things such as depression.  Legalization also ensures safety in that the drug you are using is what you think it is.  When buying street LSD not only do you not really know an accurate dosage but you also aren’t sure that it is actually LSD.   LSD is very easy to be faked because the process of making it is very simple.   All you have to do is dip blotter paper into the LSD and let it soak and dry.  This process can be duplicated with any other liquid compound such as 25I-NBOMe.  This is the most common copycat LSD,  If the dose is too high this compound is deadly.   This is why it is important that we regulate and test every tab of LSD before it is sold which can only be done if it is legalized.  

LSD was a huge part of the 1960’s counterculture.  Everyone did it and all the hippies loved it.  It inspired so much music and art and really started to hit mainstream media.  LSD was made illegal in 1968.  Around the same time there was tons of propaganda against LSD going around.  People said that acid will make you go crazy, it can give you acid flashbacks,  that if you crack your back while tripping on acid that the LSD fluid will be absorbed into your spinal cord and you will never stop tripping. Everybody wanted you to believe that LSD and psychedelics like it were all harmful and going to ruin your life if you tried it.  But that’s very far from true, LSD and other psychedelics alike are relatively non harmful if taken in the correct way which is what we intend on doing at trip sitters.  We make sure that no one over serves themselves and that everyone is taken care of. 

I don’t believe that these drugs should be allowed to be bought in a store, I think that anyone who wants to try these drugs should be allowed to try them in it one of our facility where it is safe and you are being watched by a trip sitter with an on-site doctor that you can prescribe you trip killers in case of a nightmare trip.  Trip killers are typically benzodiazepines,  which are commonly used to treat anxiety, they do exactly what they sound like they do, they kill your trip.  Although terror trips can be scary we advise that you do not take the trip killer because you can learn many things about yourself during these experiences.  Trip killers are only taken when the user physically cannot stand their trip.  

We have a background check that everyone must pass if they would like to trip. The tripper must have had checked in with a psychiatrist to make sure that they are in good mental shape.  The tripper also must provide a list of allergies to any medications to make sure you are not allergic to any of the potential trip killers .  You must make your appointment  at least a week before your trip,  we allow last minute cancellations in case something happens or you decide that you are not ready for a psychedelic experience.  Lastly before your trip we recommend that you meditate once a day for at least 3 days before your trip.

We can host five different trippers each day and we have three different trip options.  There’s DMT, LSD or magic mushroom, these are the only ones deemed safe enough for constant use. We recommend that our first-time trippers try the mushrooms because it is the most mild trip with a price cheaper than LSD. Mushrooms only last four to six hours while LSD can last up to 12 hours. Despite it being the shortest lasting trip out of the three, DMT is only allowed for our frequent customers because we do not think anyone should be doing it that has never experienced a trip before.  Our facility has five different rooms along with an outside garden in the back to help offer a change of scenery when you are tripping.  We also have a wide variety of psychedelic picture books,  trippy tapestries, Alex Grey artwork, kaleidoscope’s, and a Bluetooth speaker that you can connect to all, to help enhance your trip.  The comfort of our customers is most important to us. 

Psychedelics such as DMT, LSD, and magic mushrooms are not dangerous if done the correct way.  We want to make sure that everyone can experience a safe trip in a comfortable environment where they feel safe.  Let’s remove the stigma around psychedelic drugs.  Come take a trip with us at Trip Sitters.  

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