Counterintuitive Budget Cuts

I try to keep my politics in check in the classroom and just be upset about everything no matter which side of the House it comes from, so I apologize that this article has Republicans in the title and wants to pick a fight with a political party. I promise I’m equally offended by both parties and would post it if it blamed Democrats for being insane too.

In their purported effort to slash the national budget and restore us to fiscal sanity, the Republican budget plan would cut $1.6 billion from the Environmental Protection Agency which, it claims, is smothering our fragile economy with job-killing legislation. In part, the cuts are deliberately designed to curtail EPA programs to encourage renewable energy.

At the same time, the budget defends and leaves intact $4 billion in subsidies to the oil and gas producing companies. Why? Ending the subsidies would amount to tax increases which would cost American jobs.

Pro Publica has the story, but you can find it elsewhere too and, of course, it’s not really news. We’ve been subsidizing the enormously profitable oil companies for decades in our hurry to burn everything on earth.

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