Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Who Wins the Argument?

I thought I had a bulletproof idea at the beginning, then realized that I actually knew nothing on this subject, so I am currently trying to change the hypothesis into something that I can actually write about with confidence.

(a winner)

The guy who changes his mind.

The purpose of a semester-long research project is to recognize our ignorance early, discover our prejudices, and correct them by investigating a topic we thought we understood. Changing our hypotheses is learning. NOT CHANGING our hypotheses is learning nothing.

Why No Picture?

Summary: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is mysterious. The garbage floats just below the surface, making it impossible to see on satellite imagery. While the patch stretches from between Hawaii and California, almost to Japan. There are stories of boats passing through the patch for over a week. The patch is a tough problem because we are unsure of exactly where it starts and when it ends, due to its near invisibility.

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