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Is Speeding Through Neighborhoods A True Problem?

Speeding in neighborhoods is something that is not really controlled much. Police feel that speeding is much more common on highways and busier roads than it is in a neighborhood. The actual chance of a very bad incident in a neighborhood due to someone speeding is a very slim chance. People who live in a neighborhood tend to know whats going on in their surroundings when driving so they usually go the speed limit or under. Neighborhoods are just so full of anti speeding things that really you could argue there is no need to add anything to control speeding.

Kids are a big part of neighborhoods and people usually have backyards which is were the kids tend to play a lot. Parents usually will not let there kids play out front unless they are out there with them to prevent any type of accident from happening. The chance of a kid being injured due to someone speeding is very low since they are usually in the backyard and not close to a road. Backyards are also usually fenced in with a gate that has a lock that is normally pretty high and can’t be reached by kids. Kids are also taught by their parents that you should not be out front or anywhere near the road when they are young so as they keep growing they understand what could happen. 

Neighborhoods always have speed bumps throughout which keeps people from speeding. Speed bumps are also really low cost so it would be easier to install those than types of technology like cameras. Speed bumps also act like a warning that if you don’t stop speeding your going to go flying and could possibly do damage to your own car or someones else’s car which could result in you losing money. They are able to prevent the possibility of someone even trying to give thought to speeding knowing that there are speed bumps on the street. Speed bumps are also able to act like a stop sign if theres someone who might be looking to cross the street.

In a neighborhood the roads are almost always thin which is fantastic. The thin roads are able to make cars more likely to go slower since the curb is closer and acts like a boundary for cars. Speeding is less common on thinner roads than compared to like a highway or a busy road since there is a ton of more room on those types of roads. This factor explains why police tend to direct more of their focus on speeding everywhere else than in a neighborhood. It also prevents speeding because cars are going to be in close proximity with each other and won’t want to have any accidents happen. Thinner roads also make cars more easier to spot if they are speeding because if there are curves you can see a car going around that turn in record time. 

Bouncing off the thinner roads example you also have people who park their cars on the side of the road. This literally forces cars to slow down or else an accident will happen. The cars on the side of the road also act like a camera because if someone who is speeding hits a car it will be heard throughout the neighborhood and bring people out of there houses to look. If the person tries to drive away someone will have easily seen the car and can track the person down who did it. Neighborhoods are basically like high security areas because you can’t get away from doing anything without someone seeing it happen. It is very rare that speeding goes unnoticed in neighborhoods since people are always outside. 

Trying to add high technological devices to catch speeding in a neighborhood will cost a good bit of money. That money will have to be taken from the people in the town so that means higher taxes. Taxes already make people go nuts and raising that cost will make people even more unhappy than they already were. People nowadays really love the money they have and even if its to better their own neighborhood they could still be stingy. The government really likes to take money so they could raise taxes by a good bit even if it is way over the cost of having to install cameras or any other type of device which would really make people mad. 

The best part of living in a neighborhood is the possibility of actual cops living in the neighborhood. Seeing a cop car in a neighborhood automatically makes people slow down and think how much they do not want to get a ticket. Just the presence of a cop in a neighborhood can be enough to keep people from speeding. Its basically like a natural resource in a neighborhood that is free of cost. Cops not only want to protect others but also their own families so if they see a person speeding they are going to get the license plate and report them. 

There are so many natural resources that are in a neighborhood that can help prevent speeding instead of having to pay more money to install technology. From the people to the cars on the side of the road to the speed bumps and thin roads is there truly any reason to add more to a neighborhood to control speeding? A neighborhood has a ton of problems that could be more important than speeding especially when most people in a neighborhood make sure they are going slow and not putting themselves or anyone else at risk. The French put basically a tracking system into a cars GPS that can send people a ticket if they decide to go over the speed limit but the amount of money that would cost is probably very high. The U.S. economy right now probably can’t afford to spend that type of money so for now neighborhoods should rely on the natural resources around them to keep speeding under control. 

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